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I was always nervous to go to the grocery store with Austin. For some reason he seemed to start crying in the store when he was with me, but never cried if Nick took him to the store. He usually did okay through the stopping part, but it was in the checkout line that he would get anxious. I think it was the beeping from the scanner at the register.

Austin liked to be outside, but it took a little while before he really enjoyed going for walks. We live in a perfect neighborhood for going for walks. There are no sidewalks, but there isn't too much traffic so everyone just walks in the street, kids ride their bikes in the street, etc.

The first couple of walks Austin ever went on didn't go so smoothly. He would get bored about half way through and wanted to be carried the rest of the way and he would cry until someone picked him up out of the stroller. It was always nice to have two people for walks, one to push the stroller and one to carry Austin. As he got older, he enjoyed the walks and would look around at everything to see. His little legs hung over the edge of the stoller and (because they were in constant motion) would swing back and forth with his little feet doing ankle circles. Nick and I still go for walks, but they aren't the same without our dear Austin.


I remember Austin's very first outting, other than going to the doctor's. Austin and I went with Grandmom to BJ's wholesale store and then to Walmart and to a local restaurant to eat lunch. Austin did fine during the car ride, but once we got to BJ's, he started to scream and cry like I had never heard him cry before. Grandma said he was probably afraid because she and I were both in the front of the car and he woke up and didn't see anyone. I think he got overheated because since it was winter, we had the heat on in the car, Austin was dressed in winter clothes with a coat on and a blanket over him. Just a tad overdressed!

Anyway, as soon as I got him out of the carseat he calmed down. And as soon as we got into the store, he fell asleep and slept all through BJ's, Walmart, and lunch.

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