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Austin loved ceiling fans, as most babies do. We don't have a ceiling fan, but my mom did. Austin loved to look at it, and it didn't even have to be moving. I think it was just the contrast of the dark fan against the light ceiling. Anyways, Grandmom decided that Austin should have something to look at on his ceiling at home she she bought black balloons and tied them to our air conditioning vent in the ceiling. But Austin was no dumby, he knew they weren't really a ceiling fan and he wanted nothing to do with them... he loved Grandmom's ceiling fan the best!

Hey Austin, do you remember the morning mommy had been washing your face in the bathroom and we were coming out of the bathroom and I was too close to the door frame and your little arm hit the door frame? I remember you cried and cried. I felt so bad, I started to cry too. Minutes later you were happy layiing on the changing table getting  your clothes changed. You never even got a bruise, but boy did Mommy feel bad!

So I was remembering today the day that Nick and I took Austin to the Earth Day event in Leonardtown. Boy, Austin was not a happy camper! Should have known, it was his nap time and we were expecting him to ride around in a stoller around a bunch of people and noise, what were we thinking! I carried him most of the time and when he finally fell asleep in my arms, I put him in his stoller. By that time, Nick and I were so exhausted from trying to calm him down, we were ready to go home! Enough of Earth Day!

Austin really started to take an interest in Sierra, our Boston Terrier. Sierra loves to play with her ball. He watched her run back and forth after the ball. He even pet her a couple of times, with my help. Sometimes he got ahold of her ear and wouldn't let go. I was worried she would get mad, but Sierra handled it very well. She always tried to give him kisses. Austin didn't like that too much. He closed his eyes and tightened up his little face.
Its Friday night. Friday nights were my favorite cause I knew I had all weekend to spend with Austin. The weekends were never really exciting. Austin would usually go to bed around 8:30 and wake up around 7:00 the next moring. Once he got to be about 4 months he didn't wake up crying, I could just here him over the baby monitor talking to himself. Eventually he would start to get hungry and I could hear him sucking on his thumb with all his might. I remember the smiles he would give us in the morning, like "oh there you are, I was wondering when  you were gonna come and get me."  Nick and I would argue over who got to get Austin up in the mornings, who got to change his diaper and get him dressed for the day... I loved that so much. Before I was done changing his diaper and getting him dressed, he would start to get fussy as if to say, "enough of this, I'm ready to eat!" After his morning feeding, he would play for a while. His Bright Starts gym was his favorite toy. He LOVED the lion that played music when his tail was pulled. Austin pulled the tail so hard and so quickly that it constantly changed songs before the end of one song. And though he wasn't rolling over yet, he would wiggle around so much that within minutes he would do a 180 degree turn.
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