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Two days before Austin died, Nick, my mom and I went to Outback for dinner to celebrate me and my mom's birthdays. While having dinner, Ausitn pooped his diaper twice and I had to take him to the bathroom to change him twice. The baby changing station is attached to the wall, right as you walk out of one of the stalls and everytime someone went in or out of that stall, I had to pick him up and fold the table up so they could get by. All of the ladies ooed and ahhed over him. He was loving all the attention... and all of the time being naked... in the women's bathroom.
I remember when feeding Austin, he would sometimes stop eating long enough to give me a big smile! What a precious gift that was, what a precious gift he was. His smile could just melt my heart. I miss it so much!
I remember the first time Austin pooped through his diaper (at least the first time I can remember). We were getting ready to go to grandma's house. And he was sitting propped up on the couch with his cute blue penguin fleece outfit on. It also happened to be the first time I was able to get a picture of him smiling.... imagine that! He pooped out the side of the diaper and through his outfit. I was so upset that he didn't get to wear his cute outfit that day, but the smiles he gave me after getting that nasty poo out were priceless!
Austin was a Drama King! I could always tell when he was about to cry... he would pout first, and grunt, as if to say, "I'm getting a little mad; you better do something about it." I think he only cried real tears once.... one time when he had his medicine. I think he liked to hear himself cry. When he was here, I never thought I would ever say this, but I miss his cry.
Its the last day of 2009..  you were with us last year for New Year's Eve. I don't remember much of New Year's Eve last year. I do remember that we went to Grandma's house... it was your first outting, besides the pediatrician. We were getting ready to leave to come home and Grandma thought you weren't dressed warm enough so she put you in a 3 month old terry cloth sleep-n-play (on top of all the other clothes you were wearing) that she had at her house. It was so big on you; you were swimming in it! I had to roll up the sleeves like three times.
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